Keep Your Volkswagen Cool with Our Summer Maintenance Tips

July 7th, 2019 by

With summer fun also comes extra wear on your Volkswagen. Don’t get stuck miles away from home with no air conditioning or a car that won’t start. Our VW dealership in Lynbrook, NY provides the services and inspections that keep your vehicle in fantastic condition and ensure every road trip is performed without a hitch. If you’re planning an extended vacation or notice a problem with your car, schedule an appointment here at Sunrise VW.

A/C Inspection

Often, the first sign you have a problem is that your air conditioning isn’t cooling the cabin as well as it once did. Or perhaps you notice a musty smell in the cabin. Possible culprits could be a leak, compressor issue, a clogged filter, or cooling fan problem. The only way to remedy the issue is to bring your vehicle in for a professional inspection.

Battery Service

We often think of winter as being rough on batteries. But it’s actually the summer where batteries suffer the most. The hot temperatures outside increase the heat to critical levels under the hood. This causes your battery to corrode faster. With a battery inspection, our technicians will clean off the connections and ensure they’re free from corrosion. High temperatures can also cause the batter’s fluid to evaporate, which is why we’ll also inspect the levels.

Coolant Replenishment

During hot temperatures, your coolant works hard to keep your engine at the recommended temperature level. Coolant prevents your engine from overheating initially, which is why it’s so important to check your fluid levels regularly during hotter-than-normal conditions. We offer both fluid top-offs and coolant flushes at our VW dealership.

Stay cool in your Volkswagen Jetta or VW Tiguan this summer by scheduling a service appointment with Sunrise Volkswagen.

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