As you approach the end of your lease, we hope your journey as a Volkswagen driver has served you well. And while this may conclude the term of your current vehicle, it could be just the start of your VW journey. See below as we outline your lease-end options



Enjoying the journey and want to keep your Volkswagen a little longer? You may be eligible to extend your lease past the lease-end date for a limited time. Contact us so we may assist you.


We understand if you’ve fallen in love with your current Volkswagen and want to keep it. You’re able to purchase your vehicle at any time during the lease, contact us so we can smoothly transition you from leasing to owning.


Have you had a lifestyle change and need a larger or smaller car? Want to see what else Volkswagen has to offer? Or maybe you just want an updated version of your current model? The choice is yours! Turn in your current Volkswagen and get behind the wheel of something new.

Click below to view our entire selection of new vehicles.

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Simply looking to return your vehicle? We understand, an we’ll be here if you decide to come back. For now, contact us and schedule your lease return (regardless of where you originally leased the vehicle from).

No matter your decision, here’s what to do next


1. The inspection.

The inspection is free and they come to you – whether it be your home (someone 18 or older must be present), office, or the dealership. They’re also a great way to receive a quick assessment of potential charges that you may owe at the end of your term. At this point, you’ll have an opportunity to make repairs instead of being charged for them as excess wear.

Call Alliance Inspection Management (AiM) at 844-264-9704 to schedule an inspection.


2. The repair (if needed).

You’ll still have time to make repairs so that you won’t incur additional fees upon turn-in. Contact our Service Department to see if any repairs are covered under warranty to help with out-of-pocket expenses.

If you do make post-inspection repairs, email the Repair Order and Proof of Payment to [email protected] along with your VIN and/or account number and date the repair was made.


3. The final payment.

This is a reminder to make your final payment prior to turning in your vehicle. Have you deferred any payments during your lease? If so, in addition to your last monthly payment, your final payment will include these deferred payments. If you are enrolled in Auto Pay and you deferred any monthly payments, the automatic withdrawal of your final payment will include your final payment along with these deferred payments.


4. The turn-in.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to visit our dealership for the vehicle return.


5. The invoice.

Once your turn-in is complete, you’ll receive your final invoice in the mail in approximately 4-6 weeks. If you didn’t lease a new vehicle, this will include a required disposition fee, which goes towards cleaning and reconditioning the vehicle for the next owner. If you remain with Volkswagen, this disposition fee is waived.



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