Need Brake Maintenance or Repair near Lynbrook, NY? Visit Sunrise Volkswagen

Volkswagen vehicles are some of the nation’s most reliable and best-engineered, but eventually your car will need new components from our VW parts dealers serving Valley Stream, NY. Brakes are one of our specialties, and when your car’s brakes start squealing and grinding, you’ll know it’s time to visit us for new ones.

Basics of Brakes

Deploying the brakes on a Volkswagen car is a simple process – but behind the scenes, your vehicle’s braking system is a complex combination of parts. Discs/drums, shoes, pads, calipers, and brake fluid work in concert to ensure your automobile stops on a dime, with zero problems.

At our Lynbrook Volkswagen dealership, we’re very familiar with how brakes age and spotting the warning signs that confirm it’s time for replacement. Of course, the most common indicator is when your car’s brake light comes on. This could mean something as simple as an overdue inspection, or it could signal a bigger problem. Another sign it’s time for new brakes is when your car shakes and/or vibrates when you depress the brake pedal. This is a sure sign that your car’s brake rotors are uneven due to rust and/or general wear.

A “soft” brake pedal is another reason to visit Sunrise Volkswagen for new brakes. The softness could tie in to a problem with the master cylinder – or, the master cylinder and the entire braking system is worn-out and ready for replacement.

Why Choose Our Volkswagen Dealership

Thousands of Long Island, NY drivers trust our VW dealers at 931 Sunrise Hwy in Lynbrook, NY to provide exceptional automotive maintenance. Our factory-trained and certified service technicians and advisors are experts in all facets of brake care, from brake fluid top-offs and leak patching to full-scale brake replacement.

Our local Volkswagen dealership also provides a useful suite of online tools that make it easy for customers to schedule service, order parts, and take advantage of our frequent service specials. Right from your phone or laptop, you can make an appointment, order the latest VW accessories, and find a great offer for an oil change, new brakes, and more.

Get the Maintenance You Need, Today

For expert car service in a state-of-the-art environment, contact our VW service center serving Oceanside, NY. We stand ready to support all your automotive needs, including brake inspection, repair, and replacement. Ultimately, our focus is on maximizing your car’s miles and minimizing headaches.