Which Tires Fit Your 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan Near Valley Stream?

November 10th, 2019 by

Do you need to buy new winter tires in Lynbrook, NY? Winter and its dangerous road conditions are just around the corner, so be prepared with the proper tires before the weather takes a turn. Sunrise Volkswagen near Valley Stream has a fully equipped tire store, and our expert technicians are ready to fit your 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan with a fresh set of rubber. Use these tips from Sunrise VW when buying new tires.


  • Avoid mixing tires. Mismatched tires can impact how your car handles and brakes, especially in slippery conditions. This is both a safety hazard and can cause premature wear on your expensive suspension and brake components. If your tires have worn unevenly, replace all four.


  • Are studs a must? Studded tires, or tires with small metal nubs distributed throughout the tread, provide excellent grip on slippery roads, but they’re not always legal as they are damaging to dry roads. If your annual plans don’t involve lots of ice or snow, consider skipping the studs.


  • Tire size. You’ve likely seen a number such as 225/55/17 on the side of your tire. 225 corresponds to the millimeter width of the tire tread that makes contact with the road, 55 refers to the tire sidewall as a percentage ratio, and 17 is the inner diameter of the tire in inches.


  • What’s your budget? As with most things, tire price and quality can vary greatly. While Sunrise VW would never sell you a poor-quality set of tires, our technicians can help you find an affordable option if your vehicle needs winter tires and budget is a concern.


Buying a new set of tires, winter, or otherwise, from our Sunrise VW near Valley Stream, is an excellent decision thanks to our extensive inventory and highly trained service team. Let Sunrise Volkswagen help you drive your 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan safely through this winter season. Contact us or stop by today!

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