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Rockville Centre, NY drivers looking for vehicle parts often turn to Sunrise VW. Not only do we have an experienced team available to help you locate the right part for your specific vehicle and offer reliable servicebut we also offer Volkswagen OEM parts and Volkswagen genuine parts to provide you with peace of mind. Whether you’re looking for parts or accessories, be sure to visit Sunrise VW Parts Center today.

Volkswagen Genuine Parts

Volkswagen genuine parts are components that were installed on your vehicle when it was first manufactured. These parts carry the Volkswagen logo and tend to be slightly higher in price than other parts. However, genuine parts deliver peace of mind because they were designed by those who made the vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit. Most Volkswagen genuine parts also come with an extensive warranty, so you have peace of mind with a genuine part when cruising the Oceanside, NY roads. If you’re looking for genuine Volkswagen parts, our team at Sunrise VW Parts Center can help.

Volkswagen OEM Parts

Volkswagen OEM parts are similar to genuine parts, but instead of being designed specifically for that vehicle while it was being manufactured, they were designed by the company that made the  parts for the manufacturer. Standing for Original Equipment Manufacturer, these parts are very similar to genuine parts. In fact, the biggest difference is that the OEM part doesn’t include the logo. Like genuine parts, Volkswagen OEM parts also come with an extensive warranty. If you’re interested in OEM parts, head to Sunrise VW Parts Center.

Our Team

Aside from our inventory of parts, our team at Sunrise VW Parts Center is also part of the overall experience. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who will work with you to ensure you get the part that makes the most sense for your VW vehicle and needs. Plus, we focus on customer service, so you’ll have a good experience with us every time.

Visit Sunrise VW Parts Center Today

If your Long Beach, NY commute could get better with a serviced vehicle, visit the Sunrise VW Service Center today and let our experts take a look at your vehicle. Contact us today to schedule your service appointment and trust that we’ll use only the best VW parts on  your vehicle.

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